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Grade 4 PowerPoints
21PE_PYP_PSPE_Health and Fitness PowerPoint

Health and Fitness

Chock full of exercises, gifs, fitness assessments and standards that helped my students inquire into becoming personal trainers. They took action by training the school community in order to make us fitter but they also raised money for the Australian Bushfires.

Striking and Fielding

This was used with my grade 4s as part of my Master's action research project. I wanted to investigate whether technology can allow for independent and empowered learning. With this PowerPoint, it really did!


Track and Field

Previously for this unit, I had used an iBooks document. However, it was limited without any videos and much too wordy. Now, this PowerPoint includes gifs, shorter descriptions, and specific training plans. 

Movement Composition

This was a huge unit where Music, Art, PE, and the Homeroom integrated into a How We Express Ourselves unit. Each grade 4 class had a scene in the annual upper Elementary School musical. This PowerPoint helped the students inquire into ways they can make the scene more engaging for the audience.

21PE_PYP_PSPE_Grade4_Movement Composition
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