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Grade 5 PowerPoints

Movement Composition

Grade 5 students used this PowerPoint to help create their performances for the opening of their exhibition. Included in this PowerPoint are elements of hip-hop, modern dance, and gymnastics. Although, students had opportunities to go beyond these art forms.

Net Games

This Net Games PowerPoint focuses on the dig, set, spike, and serve for volleyball. Each skill is broken down into levels to allow for accessibility for your students. Airdrop to your students, break them into teams, give them a volleyball and let them work cooperatively while giving you time to focus on students requiring additional assistance.


Track and Field

Previously for this unit, I had used an iBooks document. However, it was limited without any videos and much too wordy. Now, this PowerPoint includes gifs, shorter descriptions, and specific training plans. 

Adventure Challenge

A project-based learning approach to an Adventure Challenge unit. This PowerPoint is designed to introduce the Grade 5s to physical literacy and allow them to inquire deeper into what it means to be physically literate. That question will drive our inquiry and allow students to create a variety of solutions for this very authentic problem.


Adventure Challenge

As a way to promote physical literacy to my Grade 5 students, I created the Race of Warriors. It is a team race with different challenges targeting different physical literacy skills. Teams got together and used this PowerPoint to help prepare for the race.

Health and Fitness

This helped my students inquire into wellness and how being truly well is not only about being physically fit but actually involves all dimensions of wellness. Throughout the unit, we did these activities and then the students created their own activities in order to run their own Wellness Workshops.


Invasion Games

This Invasion Games PowerPoint contains basic static drills and advanced dynamic drills for both handball and basketball. Animations and simple written instructions allow students to understand the drills with minimal teacher intervention. This promoted student-centered learning, therefore empowering the students whilst they learn these two exciting sports.

Health and Fitness 2023

I pivoted with my Grade 5 Health and Fitness unit and this unit I felt like really hit the mark. Students chose a life-long physical activity and recorded their progress whilst learning about the benefits of having physical activity in their lives. This PowerPoint contains information linked to 4 lifelong activities: Yoga, Dance, Jump Rope, and Weight Lifting.


Movement Composition
Process Journal

This allowed students to reflect on their process of learning as they were creating a dance associated with their chosen exhibition topics. This was available on Teams for them to access during class or at home. It also allowed me to get an insight on their thought patterns as they were creating their performances.

Note: This PowerPoint is better when downloaded and opened in Microsoft PowerPoint rather than accessed through Google Slides.

Invasion Games 2023

An entirely new unit for 2023 - Netball. This PowerPoint was given to each team so they could prepare for a grade 5 Netball tournament. This PowerPoint is broken into 5 sections: Passing, Shooting, Attack, Defense drills, and Small Games. This unit is occurring now so I am fairly certain elements will need to be altered. 

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