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The Problem and The Solution

The problem: I started teaching the Primary Years Program, the PYP, knowing very little about it and I was feeling rather lost. I trawled through countless blogs, websites, books etc. in order to provide the PE experience I was yearning to give my students. The problem is that it took time to do all of that. I felt like I was not giving the best teaching to my students - they deserve it. 

The solution: This website is primarily for  PE teachers new to the PYP. I don't want you to go through all that extended time picking through multitudes of information, and your students losing out while you do this. This website will give you what you need to quickly set yourself up. Once you have established yourself, build upon what you have learned and create your own teaching identity. 

The Reflection: Of course, as teachers we should never stop learning. After lessons I usually ask myself, "how could I have done better?" Research, experiment, evaluate as much as you can - keep that passion to teach alive. 

Happy teaching.

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