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Project-Based Learning

An alternate approach that adds critical depth to PE.

Project-Based Learning is a pedagogical approach that emphasizes projects, as the name suggests. It allows students to experience what the real-world engages in - projects. Our world is driven by projects, such as engineering bridges, designing video games, staging music festivals, and the list goes on. Project-Based Learning allows students to learn fundamental skills, may they be academic, knowledge-based, or social-emotional skills through a project. 


If you would like to learn more about Project-Based Learning and how to apply it to PE, check this booklet out. 

how does project-based learning work in pe?

Check out this booklet and explore another way to make PE even more awesome. Join us and we will send "The PBL Tryouts" along with several more ideas to harness the massive potential that lies with PBL in PE.

Here are some public products of where I used the PBL model. I recuited interested students in creating a website as a platform for students to present their products. This was particularly effective for online learning during COVID-19. 

Original on Transparent.png

The Grade 3s have made their public products and are on display on their own website. Our driving question was "how can we keep healthy when indoors during the Coronavirus?" The students researched the body systems and inquired into the Wellness Wheel to create their products. Check it out!

During our extended online learning period, the grade 5s inquired into Physical Literacy. We used the PBL approach to guide our investigation and created a website as our public product. The students chose an area of physical literacy to explore and created activities to educate others what it means to be a competent and confident mover. 

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