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Below are a collection of games that I have used in my lessons. They are simple to implement and can be modified in different ways to suit your needs. 

Give your game a purpose, a deeper reason for engaging in the game. Could it be to reinforce the learner profile of being 'principled'? Or a game of Strike and Run could be used in a mini-coach fashion and students could be working on their ATL of 'Recording Data'. Playing the games for fun is fine occasionally, but these games do have the potential for critical learning to occur. It just depends on how you frame your game.

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 8.53.54 PM.png

Involves modified games from sports such as cricket, softball, kick ball, tee ball, etc.

21PE - PYP - PSPE - Adventure Challenge

These challenges are designed to enhance social skills, communication skills and teamwork.


These games aim to introduce kids to the fundamentals of soccer, basketball, handball, etc.

21PE - PYP - PSPE - Body Systems - Yoga.

These basic games aim to introduce students to the basic concepts of human anatomy and physiology.

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