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  • Divide your class into 4 teams

  • Divide your gym into 4 sections with each team only staying in their section

  • Each team builds a hula-hoop castle

  • Each team gets 3-4 balls

  • Each team throws balls to knock down other teams' castle

  • Once a castle is down, that team cannot attack (throw balls) to other castles until the castle is put back up

  • Their is no end to this game, it just keeps going until you decide to end it.


  • Give each team a set number of lives on how often they can rebuild their castle

  • Add an obstacle on one side of the castle

  • Combine teams to have 2 castles for one team

  • Set a time limit on how often a team can knock over castles

  • Catch a ball on the full and the thrower receives a penalty (sit out for a minute, 10 jumping jacks, etc.)

  • There are so many layers you can throw in there to amp up the challenge, get creative!

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