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  • Split your class into 2 equal sized teams

  • Level1:

    • One team attacks by crossing over the middle line​

    • Once an attacker crosses over the middle line they can be tagged by the defenders

    • If an attacker is tagged, they run off the court, go back to their base, do 5 jumping jacks, and then rejoin the game

    • If an attacker is not tagged and crosses the back line (defenders base) the attacking team gets a point.

    • Switch roles after a certain number of minutes

  • Level 2:

    • Both teams can attack and defend at the same time​

  • Level 3:​

    • Both teams attack and defend at the same time​

    • Distribute 4-5 beanbags to each team

    • These beanbags indicate that these players are attackers and are allowed to cross the midline

    • Those without beanbags are defenders

    • Regardless whether the attacker scores or gets tagged, upon returning back to their side they give their beanbag to a defender​

Further modifications

  • A successful attacker is stuck at the defenders base and needs to be rescued by another attacker from the same team.

  • Lay out several hula hoops to act as goals rather than just crossing the back line.​

  • Rather than going by time and ending rounds after a certain amount of minutes, lay out 10 or so beanbags at each base. The game ends once one teams collects all of their beanbags. 

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