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Grade 4

Adventure Challenge 2019

Central Idea:

  • Values are both personal and social; value systems can influence codes of behavior.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identity:

    • Embrace optimism to shape a positive attitude towards themselves and their future.

  • Active Living:

    • Actively participate in a wide variety of activities according to their capabilities, while applying behaviors that enhance their readiness and ability to take part.

  • Interactions:

    • Develop a shared plan of action for group work that incorporates each individual's experiences and strengths

    • Discuss ideas and ask questions to clarify meaning

    • Reflect on the perspectives and ideas of others

    • Reflect on shared and collaborative performance


  • This unit was a collaborative unit with the Grade 4 homerooms, we had the same central idea, Learner Profile, ATLs, concepts, etc. You can see the Program of Inquiry here

  • Whilst the homeroom looked at spirituality among other value-related concepts, PE looked at 4 different values and identified how these values affect our behavior:

    • Teamwork,​

    • Family,

    • Perseverance,

    • The fourth value was a mid-unit reflection where the students identified the value; they chose the value according to some quotes. More details can be found in Lesson 5. 

Lesson 1:

  • This was the first lesson/unit of the year and therefore needed to establish the Essential Agreements. The school decided to create a school-wide essential agreement - the 4B's:

    • Be safe​

    • Be respectful

    • Be responsible

    • Be compassionate

  • After establishing this, we had our first challenge. The Plank Challenge. Simply put, I broke the class into 2 teams, got them to lie down in a circle and they had to hold 2x 60s planks. Once the two sets were done, they switched. 

  • Afterward, I introduced the kids to the year-long unit - Physical Literacy. This was their first assessment to determine their core strength as per the guidelines put by Physical Education and Health Canada's initiative - Passport for Life. This is a tool that can help increase awareness of Physical Literacy. 

  • To help the students understand what this means, I created the three posters below.


  • Afterward, we moved onto a game of Stuck in the Mud. This is a school favorite and it is a great way to get the students active but also emotionally hooked to the lesson:

    • 2-3 catchers

    • Catchers touch a runner and the runner freezes with the arms out to the side and legs apart

    • To unfreeze someone, a non-stuck runner crawls underneath the stuck person's legs.

  • Then, we took a look at the Central Idea briefly and identified any words that jumped out at them. A lot of them mentioned "values" and they were unsure what it meant and how it is supposed to affect our behavior. Even that connection was a bit tenuous. 

  • I didn't want to spend too much time on the Central Idea initially since I know they will also unpack it in the homeroom as it is an integrated unit. 

  • I showed them this video to introduce them to the first value of the unit:

    • Please note that all these values are not only for this unit or even for only PE - it is for their life.

  • It is the year of the Rugby World Cup, so why not show them a video about arguably the world's best team?

  • We then got into Stuck in the Mud Teams:

    • The same premise, however, the class is broken into 3 teams.

    • You can layer it by letting any team help anyone or make it more difficult and strategic by having teams only able to rescue their own team members.

  • We then discussed what value they thought this video was about and why it connects with the challenge.

  • We did another round and then reviewed the lesson.

Lesson 2:

  • This page is still under construction.