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Body Systems

Continued, lessons 10-11

Central Idea:

  • The effective interdependence between body systems and how they contribute to peoples' health

Learner Outcomes:

  • Active Living:

    • Identify way to live a healthier lifestyle​

    • Understand that there are substances that can cause harm to health

    • Understand the interdependence of factors that can affect health and well-being

    • Reflect and act upon their preferences for physical activities in leisure time

  • Identity:

    • Embrace a strong sense of self-efficacy that enhances their accomplishments, attitudes and personal well-being​

Lesson 10

  • We reviewed the unit we covered so far by looking at the Central Idea again and going through each of the outcomes.

  • We did a brief outline of each of the outcomes and then got into a new challenge with a bit of a twist: Deck of Death. I love this challenge since it is all up to Mother Chance – I first used this during my personal training days long ago.

  • Deck of Death:

    • You’ll need an entire deck of cards, including jokers

    • Nominate 1 exercise for each of the 4 suits

    • Cards represent repetitions

    • You can choose any exercise you want but I did the following:

      • Spades: Burpees

      • Hearts: Squats

      • Clubs: Mountain Climbers

      • Diamonds: Sit-Ups

      • Jokers are wild cards, the student who gets the joker can nominate any exercise and any number of reps (within reason) and they are exempt from the exercise.

    • Throughout the entire activity the students are jogging up and down the field, no walking.

  • After the activity, I asked the students if they had ever done exercise like that before. Unanimous response was, “no”. I told them that exercise does not need to be boring but it can be made into a game like so. There are infinite number of ways you can keep active.

  • While the students were recovering, I reminded them that their exercise logs and food diaries were due next lesson. We went over the expectations and cleared up any concerns.

  • Afterwards, I included a key question to hand in with their logs:

    • "What are the impacts of lifestyle choices on your health?"

  • We discussed the question to clear up confusion and ended the lesson.

Lesson 11

  • The last lesson of the unit started off with a team run to warm-up in preparation for their 1000m and 200m run test. I split the girls and boys up and commenced the 1000m run, again using Sprint Timer to assist with timing.

  • After testing was complete, the students could add in their times to their reflections if they wish and hand in their assignments through Seesaw or by other means.

  • With some time left we played a game of 5-pass:

    • 2 teams

    • 1 ball

    • Object of the game is to successfully pass the ball to their teammates 5 times

    • The pass is not successful if the ball touches the ground, a defender touches the ball and drops to the ground or is intercepted. If any of these happen, a turnover occurs.

  • With 5 minutes left of the lesson, I gathered the students around and I concluded my unit the usual way of receiving any feedback from the students. A lot of the students understand the importance of this unit and are willing to apply what they learned in the everyday life. But for me to really start getting the kids to live a healthier life I need to work on those who have the biggest impact on their lives – parents. I did include all the videos and teaching materials on Seesaw with most parents being on it. Hopefully they have taken note. But I do need to be more upfront with them.

  • I felt this unit went quite well, I did my best with the start of the unit where it was more topical – heart pumps blood, lungs breathe air, etc. by making it practical. I would like to have made it more inquiry-based though. There was a lot to get through in 6 weeks, 2 lessons a week and inquiry can be unpredictable. Something to think about for next year.

Some examples of reflections from my students are below:

Grade 4 - Body Systems - Assessment 1

Grade 4 - Body Systems - Assessment 2

Grade 4 - Body Systems - Assessment 3

Grade 4 - Body Systems - Assessment 4

Grade 4 - Body Systems - Assessment 5

Grade 4 - Body Systems - Assessment 6

G4 - Body Systems - page 3: Project
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