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Continued, lessons 7-12

Grade 5 Fitness

Central Idea:

  • Developing fitness requires a plan, realistic goals and motivation

Learner Outcomes:

  • Active Living:

    • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of training in developing and maintaining fitness​

    • Identify and discuss changes that occur during puberty and their impact on well-being

    • Identify realistic goals and strategies to improve personal fitness

  • Identity:

    • Analyse self-talk and use it constructively​

    • Examine the complexity of their own evolving identities

Lesson 7: 

  • When marking these open assessments, I’m looking for several things:

    • Creativity: Is it unique and engaging?

    • Application of knowledge: Are there elements of the lessons being presented?

    • Organization/logical presentation of ideas: Is it presented in a way that is logical and easy to read/view?

    • Key terms: Are our big ideas being presented?

  • You can find some reflections at the end of this lesson plan.

  • We reviewed some assessments and discussed areas of improvement but also success stories.

  • I did want to get into a bit more of the Identity outcome of self-talk since it does have a big impact of motivation. Therefore, we did a quick revisit of the Arthur story. I played it again to jog their memory. I asked the kids, “what was something motivating he said in this video?” He said at 3:08, “just because I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean I can do it someday.” With that in mind, I asked the kids what they think self-talk means and what type of self-talk there is.

  • Once they determined that there is positive and negative self-talk, I told them that they needed some extraordinary self-talk and motivation to get them through today’s 10-minute challenge: Footy Drops.

  • I learned this activity from my time interning with a Rugby League team in Sydney. You can see the video here. The students have 30s to complete one course, they have 30s rest and then repeat 5 times.

  • Once they completed the challenge, they were quite cooked, they continued with researching and programming for their fitness goals.

Lesson 8:

  • We started this lesson with a 10-minute challenge called, “Pairs of Pain.” It is a format I used during my Bootcamp, personal training days.

    • Get into pairs

    • Partner 1 is doing a cardio exercise, partner 2 is doing a muscular endurance exercise

    • Intervals can range from 30s-2 minutes.

  • I gave the students 2 rounds to become familiar with the format – 4 minutes. Afterwards, the kids got into their pairs and I gave them 5 minutes to choose exercises for the remaining 6 minutes of the 10-minute challenge.

  • When we completed that, I gathered the kids and inquired how everything is going and whether they feel they are getting fitter. I reminded them that we will be testing again in 3 lessons time. Their job for this lesson was to complete their program since next lesson will

  • With that in mind, they went off to complete writing and executing their program.

Lesson 9:

  • We started off the lesson with their next 10-minute challenge which is Tic Tac Toe Sprints. You can see it here:

    • I split the kids into groups of 3 and 4

    • I had 3 games happening at the same time

    • Losing team has to do 5 burpees

  • Afterwards, I broke the kids into pairs. Partner one is the coach, the other is the athlete. The coach takes the athlete through their training program. After 10-15 minutes, they switched.

  • With 5 minutes left, we discussed the days lesson and found ways the coach or the athlete could improve.

Lesson 10:

  • We started of this lesson with another 10-minute challenge: The Deck of Death.

  • Deck of Death:

    • You’ll need an entire deck of cards, including jokers

    • Nominate 1 exercise for each of the 4 suits

    • Cards represent repetitions

    • You can choose any exercise you want but I did the following:

      • Spades: Burpees

      • Hearts: Squats

      • Clubs: Mountain Climbers

      • Diamonds: Sit-Ups

      • Jokers are wild cards, the student who gets the joker can nominate any exercise and any number of reps (within reason) and they are exempt from the exercise.

    • Throughout the entire activity the students are jogging up and down the field, no walking.

  • Afterwards, I gathered the kids and informed them that they will be a coach and athlete again but before heading out. We discussed their feedback from last lesson – areas for improvement. I asked them, “what is your role as a coach/athlete?”

  • With that in mind, the kids went off in pairs again to take each other through their programs.

  • We finished up the lesson by reviewing what we achieved in this unit so far. I told them that next lesson is testing and to determine whether they achieved their goal. I reminded them that positive self-talk is crucial to success and that they will need it to push them through the testing.

Lesson 11:

  • We started the lesson with a team run and some mobility work. No 10-minute challenge since they will be doing the 1600m run and the Sit and Reach test.

  • I reminded the kids that it is up to them whether they want to achieve their goal today.

  • With 5 minutes left of the lesson, I gave the kids their summative assessment:

    • Demonstrate your understanding of the principles of developing and maintaining fitness.

    • What is and how did you use self-talk?

    • Identify the key elements of being healthy.

    • Use any medium you want to show your understanding and creativity.

Lesson 12:

  • We did our usual warm-up and mobility work and then got stuck into the remainder of fitness testing.

  • The kids did really well, they were pushing themselves and even heard a few grunts to push out a few extra reps. Some students did give up too quickly, which is unfortunate but it is all a work in progress.

  • The students recorded their results and finished the lesson by completing their summative assessment.

  • You can find some final reflections below.


  • This unit was a lot of fun to teach – the students largely took care of themselves by researching, trying different exercises, motivating themselves and making their own plans. I would have liked to have touched more on the puberty side of things but we still got quite a lot done.

Any questions or comments, feel free to contact me here!

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