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21-PE - PYP - PSPE - Sports Day

Sports Day

This is how I have run my Sports Days for the past 3 years and have progressively refined it each time.

Sports Day Outline:

  • Basically, the stations represent units the students have covered in PE. For example in my Upper Elementary Sports Day (grades 3-5):

    • Station 1: Blind Beanbag Challenge (Adventure Challenge)

    • Station 2: 50m Sprint (Athletics)

    • Station 3: Tee Ball Cricket (Striking and Fielding)

    • Station 4: 5-Pass (Invasion Games)

    • Station 5: Volleyball (Net Games)

    • Station 6: Fitness Circuit (Fitness)

  • The school has 4 houses: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water. Each house has roughly an equal amount of students from all grades (K-6).

  • Therefore, at each station there are 4 teams competing at the same time.

  • Grade 5 students helped run the lower elementary Sports Day. Each station had an adult supervisor in case the grade 5s needed assistance.

  • There is a teacher event that changes each year, which occurs just before the placing announcements. This involves student representatives from each house as well. I do not include points in the teacher event even though the teachers are in houses as well.

    • 2015: Blind Dodgeball challenge (snuck in some water balloons for this one as well, just for fun)

    • 2016: Hungry Hippos on Skateboards

    • 2017: High Jump competition (This was awesome fun. The male and female student champions from the Athletics carnival competed as well to really get the crowd going)


  • Here are the resources to help you give an idea of how I set up the day:

    • Teacher Pack includes:

      • Staff allocations

      • Rules

      • Timetable

      • Rotations

      • Group allocations

    • Maps

      • Note: "H" means holding and "F" means finished. "Holding" is where the students sit when they are waiting for their turns. "Finished" is self-explanatory. This ensures the crowd control is optimal.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding how I run Sports Day. It is a great day and the teacher event at the end is a fantastic way to wrap things up. You can contact me here.

Sports Day: Project
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