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Strike and Run


  • This game is essentially a combination of Tee Ball and Cricket

  • Separate the class into 2 teams

    • Alternatively, you can separate the class into 4 teams to allow 2 games to happen at the same time. ​

  • 1 team are the fielders and are spread out in the field with 1 catcher behind the tee.

  • The batters are sitting on the bench with 1 team member at the tee.

  • The batter hits the ball and runs to a base, roughly 15-20m away.

  • ​The batter keeps running back and forth to the base and then the tee until the ball is picked up and thrown to the catcher who then places the ball on the tee.

  • Once the ball is on the tee the batter stops running and they tally the runs made.

  • This continues until all batters have had a chance to bat.

  • Once all batters are done, teams switch with the fielders being the batters.


  • Fielders cannot run with the ball

    • This forces the fielders to use their throwing and catching skills​

  • Place a baseman onto bases

    • ​This allows the fielders to have options when getting a batter out

  • Divide the field into zones with fielders having to stay in their zones

    • This prevents ball hogging but also allows fielders to think strategically of where to place certain fielders​

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