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Team Stuck in the Mud


  • The original Stuck in the Mud requires 2-3 catchers to catch the runners

  • Once caught, the runners are stuck - arms stretched out by their sides, legs apart in a star position

  • They can become unstuck or rescued by having a free runner crawl underneath the stuck person's legs

  • Team Stuck in the Mud Level1:

    • Same rules as the original with some modifications​

    • The class is split into 4 teams

    • One team are the catchers with the other teams being the runners

    • Teams can rescue any stuck person regardless of team color

  • Team Stuck in the Mud Level 2:

    • Same rules as above, however teams can only rescue their own team color​

Further levels

  • The teacher can secretly nominate one team to be the rescuers.

    • The catchers have to be observant on who the rescuers are​

  • Set a time limit for each time to catch

  • Distribute beanbags around the playing area and have the runners collect as many as they can without being by the catchers

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