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Does PE belong in the PYP?

Yes, it does. I heard a claim the other day that a PE teacher at an IB World School claimed that PE does not belong in the PYP. Now, this is through the grapevine so I do not have any evidence of this actually occurring firsthand but it did get me thinking. As you can see from my first three words, it does. If you are willing to dive into the rabbit hole with me on this one, then please join me. Otherwise, if not, just understand that I firmly do believe PE belongs in the PYP. The Name: Firstly, in the PYP, the official title of our discipline is PSPE (Personal, social, physical education). It looks at all facets of being human. Let's relate the name of our discipline to our curriculum. Our

Small Sided Games - Why they are awesome

1 ball, 2 teams, 22 kids on the field. I hear this and I think, 3/4 of the kids on the field are just passive participants. Seinfeld and PE: I remember a Seinfeld episode where Jerry, at the intro of the show during his stand-up routine, he compared PE to Lord of the Flies. One minute you're in the classroom and the next minute you’re running, ducking balls, getting screamed at by your best friend. This is all from memory, I can’t find the specific episode but it did stick with me to some extent. That is the beauty of PE. It is different from the rest of school – generally, you’re not in a classroom, there is a sense of freedom and chances are, we are the most popular teachers. Therefore, to


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