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My Grade 3s need your help: Sharing their public product

My Grade 3s need recipients for their public product. They are creating a brochure that addresses their driving question for the unit: How can people stay healthy indoors because of the Coronavirus? They are engaging in a collaborative Body Systems unit between PE and their homeroom. The brochure will contain information about a body system that they have chosen to investigate. Some choices are the circulatory, respiratory or digestive system. Then, they will connect this body system to 2-3 wellness areas of their choice by explaining how to keep this body system healthy by using the wellness areas. All of their information will be relevant to the driving question. The recipient will receive

Joe Wicks and PE: Are we being replaced?

I absolutely loved this article. This is a very well-written piece detailing a PE teacher's perspective of what constitutes true Physical Education. There are links to a variety of sources that allows for wider reading and clarification. Here are five key points from this article with some personal comments thrown in as well: Title: The Future of Physical Education after COVID-19 Author: Alan Dunstan Source: Medium Link: Some key points: 1. Joe Wicks has done wonders in promoting physical activity during this pandemic where we are all spending a great deal of time indoors. He calls himself ’The Nat


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