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Workshop Presentations

Project-Based Learning in PE

This PowerPoint helped me present at the February 2020 ConnectedPE Online Conference. It describes two units of which I used the Project-Based Learning approach to help develop 21st-century skills and allowed student agency to thrive. 

Project-Based Learning and PE

This was the PowerPoint I used when presenting at the 2021 ConnectedPE Conference. It goes into more depth on how I applied the elements of PBL into a Grade 5 Adventure Challenge unit. It also argues for why we should attempt a PBL unit giving the state of the PE profession at this current point of time. 


Inquiry in Physical Education

Used as part of my online Job-Alike presentation where I demonstrated my interpretation of inquiry in PE. I used a Grade 5 Invasion Games unit to help explain this pedagogical approach.

PE and the PYP

This PowerPoint helped me explain how I "do" PE at my school - from the planning, to the fundamentals of the PYP and how it connects with PE. Quite literally, the nuts and bolts of PYPPE.

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