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Creating independent and empowered learners

Below you will find links to PowerPoints presentations I have used in the past. I have found that they really add immense value to the classroom since my students can choose what they need to work on and go at their own pace. It really is student-centered, allows for student choice and leaves me to focus on those that really need personalized attention. 

I have most recently used this for Grade 3 to help students create their 10 movement gymnastics sequence. Grade 4 last year added in their own movements as well. 

This was used with my grade 4s as part of my Master's action research project. I wanted to investigate whether technology can allow for independent and empowered learning. With this PowerPoint, it really did!

As a way to promote physical literacy to my Grade 5 students, I created the Race of Warriors. It is a team race with different challenges targeting different physical literacy skills. Teams got together and used this PowerPoint to help prepare for the race.

My latest PowerPoint. Previously, I used an iBooks document to help teach this unit. However, it was limited without any videos and much too wordy. Now, this PowerPoint includes gifs, shorter descriptions, and specific training plans.